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[sticky post] Welcome to TF Kreons!

So the Kreons have taken over and are demanding more? Welcome to the support group. We've all given in to the latest type of plastic crack and since there's no going back, might as well enjoy the ride.

So go head and indulge those little Kreon fraggers. Photos, stories, comics, icons, artwork - anything those Kreons demand - you can post it here. Have Kreons to trade, go ahead (though you do it at your own risk). Spotted new Kre-O sets or Kreon blind bags? Spread the addiction, friend.

Be sure to check out the Rules and Guidelines and of course the Tags before you proceed though.
The new wave of Kreon blind bags have already hit Singapore, so pretty sure most of you will be seeing them State-side soon...

Here's a teaser of the Autobots:

And all the codes under the cutCollapse )

New Kre-O Commercial

There's a new Kre-O commercial out and it features some of the new Kreons like Wheeljack and the Microchangers.

The cute slays me every time.

Too Late to Apologize

I'd like to imagine they're playing this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qcBbyHCdhVg
With the piano part divided between Prowl on the accompanyment and Jazz on the melody.

*Yes that is a Sunstreaker I made out of a spare Sentinel and Sunstorm doing the conducting.

Piano Duet

Sing us a song you're the piano man
Sing us a song tonight
Well, we're all in the mood for a melody
And you've got us feelin' alright


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Let the Music Play

Prowl got a new toy over the weekend

I think he likes it

Snack Time

Jazz helps himself to ante_luce's takoyaki*

*Takoyaki is a Japanese snack consisting of a ball of batter usually stuffed with chopped octopus (or crab, ham/bacon&cheese, prawn) and grilled on a special grill. Usually served in threes, its topped with mayonnaise and teriyaki sauce once cooked, and optional fish flakes. Sounds weird but actually very yummy.

New Kreons Sighted

From TFW2005

The first wave of the Kreon Microchanger blind-bags featuring Galvatron, Waspinator,Crankstart, Sunstorm, Spinister and Scorponok has been sighted at a Walmart outlet in Texas.

It's possible they may be out elsewhere, too, so be sure to post here if you find any.

For an idea of what these figures look like, Go Here

And if you need help finding out who's who inside the blind bag: How to Identify a Blind Bagged figure

Remember, if you do end up with duplicates and want to trade, just throw up a post here stating what figure you have and what you want to trade it for.

Happy hunting!

Sides World


And he guard's it most jealously. 

Rachet...no. Put that down.

Run while you still can       

Three's Company

Meet the Vehicons: Phil, Tony and Steve

Time to take down some Autobots...

Uhh... they might want to work on thatCollapse )

Coffee. Coffee now.

Hang In There

iPhone Hipstamatic.

A Gift for Megatron

Might be old, Might be new... doesn't matter, it's still hilarious and cute as heck.


Let's Get This Rolling

Kreon Wheeljack says Welcome!

Test Entry

Testing 1, 2, 3...