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tfkreons's Journal

Cuteness + Attitude

Transformers Kreons
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For all your Kreon needs

Welcome to the world of Transformers Kreons!

These little guys are slowly taking the fandom (and the world) by storm. Who would've thought that essentially "Lego"-men molded and painted to look like our favorite Transformers could end up having so much personality?

So if you're one of the many who've given into the addiction of this particular kind of plastic crack, welcome to the support group community! We hope you'll stick around for the fun!

Just take a quick look at the:

rules and guidelines.

* This is a community dedicated to the Transformers Kreon figures, and by proxy their blocky counterparts: the Kre-Os. Please keep your content relevant to the comm.

* Keep it PG rated folks. The toys are all pretty family friendly, thus the comm shall be, too. So if you want to post up stuff you wouldn't want your kids/parents/bosses/colleagues to see, this ain't the place for it.

* So as of now, any slash or het romance is not allowed. Friendship is fine, bromance is fine, just not the lovey-dovey stuff. (C'mon guys, they're Kreons. Sexy stuff with them would just be a bit weird, wouldn't it?)

* Feel free to post sightings, pictures of your newly acquired Kreons/Kre-Os, or photostories, icons, graphics, questions, help with finding certain Kreons, even fic if you can manage it.

On a side note, fic should either feature the Transformers in their Kreon forms, or Transformers playing with Kreons/Kre-O, and be in line with the above rule.**

* Please use LJ Cuts when posting pictures and for fics over 300 words. Basically, if you wouldn't like to see it eating up 3/4 of your Friends List, put it behind a Cut. Click Here if you don't know how to do an LJ Cut

If you only have the one picture, you don't need a Cut, but if you have more than one, you may have one before the cut as an introduction of sorts, and the rest behind a Cut.

* Please remember to tag your entries appropriately as this will allow other members to find and view your posts at a later date if needed.

* Keep it civil, keep it fun. Be polite to your fellow members and they'll be polite to you. Troublemakers will be warned and then banned if they keep it up. Really guys, it's a toy community. There's no reason anyone should be getting uptight here in the first place.

That's really it. Rules will be added or amended as the mod(s) see(s) fit.

Links and Affiliates

For any other questions and/or requests, please PM a mod.